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About Me

The Bicycle Patent blog is created and updated by Bob Shaver.

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I am a patent attorney, and my work email is,  or call me at 208-345-1122.









About Me:

I starting cycling when I was in college, in the late ’60s, early ’70’s.  I couldn’t a afford nice bike then, but I had a cheap Royce Union which I painted yellow and shined up its bright work.  After I got it looking as good as possible, I crashed it into a parked car and destroyed it.

I got a Raleigh and after I got my first job out of college, I bought a 1973 Motobecane.  I still have that bike, and refurbished it a few years ago.

I hurt my lower back in about 1980, and have had back incidents on and off.  In 2006 I really had a dusy, and feared my time on the bike was over.  About then I saw a recumbent trike and instantly knew that would be a fun ride, and would not hurt my back.  I saved up for awhile, and in 2008 bought a Speed model of trike, made by Catrike.  I have not missed a day of commuting since then.  The ride is something I look forward to all day.

Commuting by bike hits me nicely in several ways.  For one, it is a period of guaranteed aerobic exercise each day.  I figure its 25 minutes that my heart is in the training zone.  It is also fun, because I get so zoom down Shaw Mtn Road in Boise at 30 mph, and zip around the curves while leaning over the side of the trike.  The trike also saves me $50 per week in gas, and lots of money in letting us get by with 2 cars when we have 3 drivers.  I could ride my sweet old Motobecane now without worry about my back, but the trike is just so dang fun that I have no desire to ride leaning over forward.

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