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Arizona Whip Lighted Flagpole

I have been looking for a way to light up the flagpole on my recumbent trike, and found a product that looked like it would work, the Arizona Whip.  Jerry at was very nice to work with, and I got it hooked up this past weekend. The whip is 5 ” tall, and is of clear lexan. Inside the clear tube are 24 LED lights, 12 facing forward and 12 facing backward. Each side has a red group, and a yellow group, and on one side the red and yellow groups of LEDs flash on alternately. Jerry has other color configurations, including a red, white and blue one. The whip screws into a clamp that grips the 1.25 inch tube of the rear wheel fork. The clamp is for 1.5 in. tubes, but with some rubber and duct tape shimming, it grips the 1.25 inch tubing nicely with one Allen bolt for tightening. It extends up through the frame and clears the panniers, rack, seat, and headrest nicely.

These pictures show the whip in daylight, and the clamp attached to the frame.

LED whip 002

LED whip 003


I ran a switch forward to the left hand grip, so I can turn it on
and off from the seat. It runs off a 9 v battery. I have not ridden it to work yet, so I don’t know how long the 9 v battery will last.


LED whip 004


The picture below is how it looks at night, from the rear. The bike is facing not quite straight, and the bag on the rack is blocking one of the LED lights. The headlight is shining across the street at an angle, and provides lots of illumination.


LED whip 015


This sucker is not cheap at $150, but if I can get noticed by a car either ahead of or behind me, it will be worth it.

11 comments to Arizona Whip Lighted Flagpole

  • Matt Weyen

    That’s awesome! That would have been great for going out n’ about on Halloween with kids!

  • Interesting idea, the lit flagpole, though that’s really expensive.
    I went for more conventional lighting when I built mine, though it is still LED style, except for my bar headlight (which is CCFL).

    If you’re industrious, and into recycling items into items you need, I’ve started an instructable for my lighting system here:

  • Warren Bowman

    I love the lightpole you have built! I am thinking about adding one to my Greenspeed. Did you ever figure out how long the 9V battery lasts?

  • I change the battery about once a month, with about 2 hours of use each day, 5 days a week.

  • I didn’t build the Arizona Whip. Its made by a small company in Arizona, called Arizona Whip Inc. I put a link in the post to the company where you can buy them. I LOVE mine!

  • Greg

    Is the Arizona whiplight easily removeable?

    I transport my trike in my minivan and the whip would have to come off easily and be replaced easily.

  • Looking for better visibility during the bright DAY;) and something VERY durable for everyday riding and easy (daily) removability

  • They are not very visible during the day, but the orange flag on top helps with that. Mine has lasted 5 years with daily commuting 365 days a year, in all weather. The whip is easily unplugged from power, then it screws out of the bracket without tools. If mine broke for some reason, I’d be ordering a new one the say day.

  • Keith

    I just got my new whips, one for each trike.
    I noticed the LED panels rattle terribly inside the Lexington. Doesn’t that drive you nuts? I am not happy with the build quality because of that.

  • I noticed that also. I opened the top cap of the tube and let some silicon glue run down the inside of the tube, and that quieted it up a bit.

  • Dirk Gidney

    DIY version would involve taking an inepensive fiberglass whip pole and inserting it to a thin clear plastic hose with a string of 12volts LED’s along with some silicone seal. If you have an ebike there are voltage converters to take 24.36.or48 volts to 12volts for powering all your 12v accessories

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