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Brano Meres’ Bamboo Bike

Brano Meres of Bratislava Slovakia has a site where he shows some of his creations that look very wonderful.  One that jumps out as being a little different is his bamboo framed bicycle.  He built this, and has ridden it for a year, with no problems.  It sure looks beautiful!  More great bicycle stuff at his site, BME.



2 comments to Brano Meres’ Bamboo Bike

  • Mikael Andersson,Sweden

    But how does the carbonfiber parts being fixed together with the Bamboo parts?
    Bamboo frame bicycles must be much cheaper because of it is the time for making the frame that costs most today in bicycles.

  • Folke Hirt

    … just finished some R&D of “true-2-size” bamboo-tubes in Shanghai, China. I am a German guy, living and working here for 17 years.

    The “BIONIC-bamboo-tubes” can be designed, engineered and then produced in all kind of forms, diameters, thicknesses and fiber-layout (according stress loads or personal requirements).

    Even the tube-joints could be done the traditional way (like Brano Meres) without spending days with hemp and epoxy …

    Now I am looking out for interested individuals and companies, willing to cooperate in development of bamboo-bikes with the approach to step into mass-production of my tubes one day.

    If interested just send me a mail:

    A PDF with all info is available.

    You all have a fine day !


    P.S.: If it’s not allowed to post such infomercial here, I would be very sorry. Just delete it and inform me about other ways to get in touch with bamboo-bike-builders.

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