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Bruce’s trike carrier

Bruce has recently shared pictures of his trike carrier, which mounts in a hitch reciever, and carries two trikes.  Nice.

Below is the structure of the hitch receiver 2 trike rack.

An earlier rack held 2 trikes on a small car roof.

Another still is this 3 trike roof top carrier.


11 comments to Bruce’s trike carrier

  • Bruce

    That top pic is of the aluminum version that I built for Bill Watson to replace the steel one I built for him a couple of years ago. !5lbs versus 90lbs!!!

    The car top carrier will hold three trikes dirrectly, but four when used with a hitch-type bike carrier. It’s been to Florida and back, and to Martha’s Vineyard and back, fully loaded. Very convenient and quick to load/unload. Can be done by one person if the car is low enough, like my little Civic shown. It will hold any Catrike made, as well as almost all others. It’s based on a Thule load rack system.

  • Paul

    Do you sell these? I have been looking for one for our two trikes Ice T and Terra Trike Cruiser.

  • I (Bob Shaver)don’t make or sell those. Bruce Bunch makes them when he feels like it. You would have to ask him. If he didn’t want to make one, he might give you plans or dimensions.

  • Paul

    Of course just my luck. How do I contact Bruce?

  • roarke

    @Paul Did you have any luck contacting Bruce or getting one of these made? I’m trying to find a roof rack. I just got a recumbent trike and love it. As someone disabled, I haven’t felt this liberated for years. Let me know if you had any luck. My wife would love it if we could find a roof rack and take the trike with us on trips.

  • John Griffith

    how much do you charge for the plans to build and about what is the cost of matierials, i have 2 terra trikes want to haul them on my rv



  • Anthony Ortiz

    I would be interested in a rack for my trike as well any chance bruce is still fabricating them?


    Sgt. Ortiz

  • I sent him your question, so let me know what he says. If you offer him brownies he can be pretty accomodating, but that is a lot of work.

  • Jim Norine

    I’m very interested in buying Bruce’s plans for the dual trike carrier. Any chance of contacting him?

  • Andre Portteus

    Just came across this, anybody out there have a contact?

  • Bruce Bunch is the designer, he might still have plans,

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