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Mirage Chainless Recumbent Bike

Bike designs using a drive shaft were tried at the turn of the century, but never caught on as the best form of power transmission bikes.  I’m not sure why, because a lot of bikes were made with a drive shaft and bevel gears for a power train.

A Finnish company led by Tatu Lund has designed a beautiful drive shaft recumbent bike, shown below.  It has disk brakes, a wonderful feature on a recumbent, fenders , a built in pack support, and rear suspension.  As in all Finnish products, the design is a thing of beauty.  Sells in the neighborhood of $3500.


The drive shaft goes inside the frame to the gear wheel, yet the rear wheel has suspension and moves up and down.  Very impressive.  The bottom bracket is a bit lower than the seat, so stopping and starting should be much easier than on my high race.  Tatu says that the bike is designed for two demographics: those that are looking for increased speed, and those that are looking for increased comfort.  Sounds like the same demographics that all recumbents appeal to.  Mirage has 3 U.S. distributors, and if the bike rides as well as it looks, it should be a world beater!

Info about the company:

Br. Tatu Lund, CEO

MirageBikes (VAT ID: FI23497371)

+358 40 541 0900, Skype: tatu.lund

Bikes of Italy

Ciera spent the summer in Rome in an architecture program sponsored by the U. of Idaho.  While there, she traveled on various excursions to different parts of Italy.  Throughout her visit, she took pictures of the bikes she saw in Italy, and assembled them into a single image as a gift for me.  It has been so well received, a number people have asked for a print of the image.  She has a list of the location where each bike was photographed.

Trike Asylum


Trike Asylum is a forum for discussion of trike issues, and its Steve Green’s blog about his travel and experiences with trikes.


Updated Arizona Whip, Recumbent Flagpole

I got a chance to try a new version of the lighted flagpole made by Arizona Whip.  It has all 20 of the LEDs at the top end of the clear lexan flagpole, just under the flag.  This version has blinking lights on one side, with the yellow ones blinking alternately with the red ones.  The other side is red and yellow LEDs, on all the time.   My neighbors who see me on my commute say I look like a UFO on my Catrike Speed.  Excellent, that is just what I was going for!

Arizona Whip 023

Arizona Whip on Catrike Speed Recumbent Trike

Arizona Whip 027

The Arizona Whip in motion

The pic below is more or less what the Whip looks like coming down the road, but with a long shutter speed the LED lights leave streaks across the picture.

arizona whip 008

Ths Whip from the rear.

arizona whip 013.50

photo storage, please ignore



large chainrings front and rear

above, large chainwheels front and rear


small chainwheels front and rear


top view for chain allignment


front shifter cage when shift lever is hard against upper limit


chain routingP6240050

temporary picture storage

DSC03805.22 DSC03803.22 DSC03800.22