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Index to Catrike Maintenance Posts

Catrike Maintenance and Repair topics are listed below. Links are to specific posts or links to information.  Submissions of posts by any Catrike rider for inclusion here are welcomed. FYI, Catrikes are recumbent tricycles, with more information available at the Catrike Performance Trikes site. Information on other trike or recumbent technical topics is welcomed.


Basic Setup and Maintenance

Catrike Performance Trike Official 2004 Manual

Catrike Performance Trike Official 2005 Manual

Catrike Performance Trike Official 2006 Manual

Catrike Performance Trike Official 2007 Manual

Catrike Performance Trike Official 2009 Manual
Catrike Performance Trike Official 2010 Manual

removing the master link on the chain, and replacing it (page 18 of the above manual).
checklist of initial setup items
removing a front wheel
replacing front wheel bearings
replacing rear wheel bearings
adjusting rear derailer (link to Sheldon Brown’s instructions)
adjusting disk brakes (link to Park Tool page)
replacing disk brake pads (link to Park page)
Bruce’s advice on adjusting Avid BB7 brakes on Catrikes
installing front fenders
fixing a flat tire in front, rear wheels
installing teflon bushings in front headsets

Catrike headset adjustment, servicing bearings

cleaning a chain, and lubrication

Troubleshooting section:

rear wheel squeak: lube rubber weather seal
Bottom bracket not horizontal when trike is on flat surface: loosen boom clamp, reorients boom, or file guide tooth
after removing a front wheel, my brake pad rubs: adjust brakes, per this link:
shimmy in steering: purchase teflon bushings from catrike, install
chain routing
brake cable routing
shifter cable routing
setting toe on front wheels of a trike


Facing the bottom bracket edges

Discussion of After market items and FAQs:

Jerry’s flags
Locking brake levers. These are great!
What is Schlump and other drives?
what would Schlump or Roloff give me over the stock gearing?
Terracyle idlers discussion
Super bright (240 lumens) flashlight for use as headlight, tail light
what size bearings does my (year) (model) Catrike use in the front, rear wheel?where does one get replacement steel or ceramic bearings (link, or part number)
ceramic bearing installations in front hubs
options for mounting both a light and a speedometer
list of all tools needed
chain guards, bash guards: Purely Custom, with Catrike Logo available, and many colors, Trice (Utah Trikes) Chain Guard Ring
– Cables: how to order replacements, how to cut to length, how to install end pieces on housing and cable, what tools are needed
– Chains: how to order (how many chains needed/length), brand, types
– Articles on component upgrades (brakes, shifters, derailleurs, etc)
– Common accessories: what has worked well (lights, racks, bags, pedals, mirrors, etc)

Arizona Whip lighted flagpole

Tactical Flashlights for lighting system

6 comments to Index to Catrike Maintenance Posts


    Beginner here. Can’t find in the manual how to remove the front tire on a catrike villager. Site?

  • Wayne:

    I don’t know Villagers, but I suspect its pretty similar to my 2008 Speed. The real wrenches when it comes to Catrikes are Bruce ( and PhatKatt, the latter of whom has not been kicked off the Catrike board, yet.

    see this post on the blog for reference:

    flip over the quick release lever (it could be hard to move)
    unscrew the axle nut and remove from the rod
    pull out the quick release lever and the rod that is attached to it. It will have small springs at either end.
    push out the tube that is hidden inside the wheel, which extends from the outside of the wheel hub to the inside of the spindle
    the wheel should drop out to clear the disc brakes.

    let me know if that worked.

  • Bob Virden

    The front tires on my Cat-Trike wear out really fast – under 100 miles and the seams start to show through the worn rubber. I have put a narrow road bike tire on front (Schwalbe Durand 20 x 1.10).
    I have had the alignment checked – ok. Also turns are pretty normal.
    Any suggestions on a better tire for wear (hopefully a road tire)?

  • Something is seriously wrong there, and if its not alignment I don’t know what it is. have you put a yard stick on the front and rear of your wheels to check it yourself? 100 miles is ridiculous. I wear out tires in about 14 months, which is roughly 1500 miles.

  • Mark

    I have a similar problem, although I have the weaving showing through in only 1 spot after 600 miles. I suspect it is overzealous breaking on poor quality roads, but the real problem is removing the tyres.

    I have been trying for several hours but am unable to remove the front tyre at all. It is more difficult than any tyre I have ever had to remove at all, but the worst part is that everytime I try to get a tyre lever in, I have to apply so much force to get the beading over the rim that it takes the paint off the rim.

    I cannot believe that it can be this difficult. Is there a certain technique that I need to use? I really can not believe that it can be as difficult as it seems.


  • Something that helps get the tire off, and helps get it on, is this. Let all the air out, loosen the bead of both sides of the tires off the inside of the rim. Move the bead on one side of the tire into the center of the rim. Try using tire levers at a point 180 degrees from where the bead is in the center of the rim. That will give you the move slack as possible from the bead. You do the same thing when putting it back on.

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