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Cleverchimp Rickshaw

Looks like Todd at Cleverchimp has a new model of utility bike, and this looks cool!  Looks like a great kid hauler, grocery hauler, stuff hauler.  Might even be a two seater with a slight modification in the seat.  Good luck, Todd!


4 comments to Cleverchimp Rickshaw

  • seats 3 kids as is; there’s room for 2 more with aftermarket kid seats, for a total of 6 people. and people actually use them this way in the netherlands.

  • Montaigne Marion


    I wanted to congratulate you. Your blog is very interesting. Sorry, I’m french and I don’t write english very well. But I can read it and anderstand…and your blog is well illustrated.



  • Herb

    They call these long john cargo bikes. TCAT in Eugene, Oregon makes them as does and other companies – mostly European.

  • ??

    I am from CHINA,your blog is very useful ,thank you

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