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Cruzbike recumbent rider sets new world record!

Maria Parker, mother of 2, recently set a new record for miles traveled in 12 hours.  She stopped before the 12 hours were up, and covered 241.01 miles. As noted on the Cruzbike site, “She not only set the recumbent 12-hour course record for women, but she went farther than any previous female road biker had ever done in this race. She also went farther than any woman on any recumbent bike at any UMCA non-drafting 12-hour event. At Bike Sebring in Florida, which appears to be the place where 12-hour records are set for recumbent male riders, the 12-hour record for a recumbent woman is 137 miles.”

Saratoga2 035a small

The men’s record is 241.5 miles in 12 hours.

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