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Brano Meres’ Bamboo Bike

Brano Meres of Bratislava Slovakia has a site where he shows some of his creations that look very wonderful.  One that jumps out as being a little different is his bamboo framed bicycle.  He built this, and has ridden it for a year, with no problems.  It sure looks beautiful!  More great bicycle stuff at his site, BME.



One Speed Chainless Bike

One way to lighten a bike is to get rid of the chain.  But if the cranks are attached to the axle of the wheel, then the wheel has to be very large in order to get any speed out of the bike.  That is the  design need that drove the velocipedes to have huge front wheels, and that design presented serious problems.  Here is a design that does away with the chain, and has front wheel drive.  However the  crank is geared, and the power is transmitted via planetary gearing to the front wheel.