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Shop / Repair Stand for a Trike

If you search the forums a bit, you will find all kinds of homemade repair or shop stands for trikes, generally made of PVC pipe.  I have a better one, one which gets the trike up at a nice height for working on stuff.  It is also very stable, and will hold the trike horizontal, vertical, or any angle in between.  It is a Park PCS-9, and sells for about $130 at Park Tools.  However, there is one critical modification that has to be made to make it strong enough to hold trikes, and that is to make a metal bushing to replace the plastic one that it comes with.   The legs fold up to make it easy to store or transport.

I was lucky enough to get one by Bruce, but I don’t know if has any more for this unit.  The bushing to replace looks like this:

First Full Suspension Bike, Circa 1890

Here is a pretty well developed full suspension bike patented in 1890, a year before McGlinchey’s full suspension velocipede, and 32 years before telescoping forks of Sage. As far as I know, Becker is the first inventor of the full suspension bicycle