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The First Tricycle

Which was invented first, the bicycle or the tricycle?  That depends on what you count as the first bicycle, and the first tricycle.  If you say the Lallament version was a bicycle, it was patented before the tricycle below.  If you count the John Starley Rover as the first bike, then the tricycle was first.  If you count the Cugnot steam vehicle as a tricycle, it was before Lallament.  Here is a very early tricycle, which looks very similar to Lallament’s bicycle, but inclues a verion that is in the tricycle format.


Twist Grip Shifters

Twist grip speed control started with the first motorcycle, a steam powered oddity made by Sylvester Roper in 1869.  His motorcycle was controlled by a twist grip throttle.  The twist grip for control of bicycle derailleurs was first popularized in the 1960s by the Sturmey-Archer company, famous for their internally geared hub shifters.   Other  makers followed with their own twist shifters, a notable one being the 1990 the Campagnolo twist-grip shifter below.