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My new ride: the Schlitter Encore high Racer

Trikes are great fun, and I commute on my Catrike Speed daily.  But for a faster ride like a group ride or a race, a two wheel recumbent is faster and climbs hills like a champ.  I’ve been riding a Rans F5 high racer for a couple of years, and learned how to ride it .  I decided to treat myself to an upgrade, and bought an Encore, made by John and Jacquie Schlitter.


The Encore is a carbon frame high racer, with the frame made in Hungary, where a unique combination of advanced technical skill and reasonable costs came together in the shop of Adam Novak of Szatuna in Hungary.

The Encore was designed by John and Jacquie Schlitter, both of whom have extensive backgrounds in recumbents.  John worked in design for Rans for 20 years, and designed the Rans F5 I learned on, and he was a cofounder and partner in Bacchetta, another maker of cutting edge ‘bents.  At age 52 John rode in the 2008 Race Across America and was the first solo rider to finish this race on a recumbent.  Making the coast to coast crossing on a high racer recumbent in 11 days, 2 hours, and 50 minutes, he placed first in the over 50 category and 9th overall in the solo rider division.

Jacquie Schlitter is Doctor of Clinical Nursing, and set an age group record at the Sebring 12 hour race in 2011.  In the 2012 24 hour race, she broke the women’s record.  She finished  the 2012 Race Across America in a 4 person team, and was in the 2014 RAAM as a solo rider.  Wow, talk about having some background in the recumbent world.

The Schlitters are now in a new venture, Vite Bikes, where the sell the Encore like mine, and other bike brands.  It will be exciting to see what these revolutionary bikes do on the bike scene.  I’ll be riding mine in the 77 day Cycle Oregon 2015 ride, which is a 7 day ride covering 400 miles, with 20,000’ of elevation gain.