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Winter Gloves

I ride a trike to work all winter, every day in all weather. Last winter I ended up with a set of gloves for different conditions that I really like.   I haven’t driven a car to work in 8 years, so I’m out in all weather, and find it refreshing and pleasant, certainly not a hardship.  Seems like we had more rain and also cold last  winter, so I updated my gloves for both extremes. I went into a bike store and asked for their most waterproof gloves.  I got the Pearl Azumi Elite softshell gloves, which are fleece lined and shown in the middle of the photo.  Turned out they were great cold weather gloves, but not waterproof.  They are good for 35-25 degrees for me.


I went to Cabela’s and found they had WATERPROOF gloves made of neoprene, with a fabric lining, and the seams glued together very precisely.  These are made for fishermen. When its going to rain, or if the pavement is wet, I take these gloves and have been warm and dry in them.  For cold weather riding, like below about 25 degrees, I got the Bontrager RXL Lobsterclaw gloves at the bottom of the pic.  They are insulated with Thinsulate, and lined with fleece.  They are good to at least 15, and there is room to add a thin pair of fleece gloves below that temp.  I usually wear one pair in the morning and a different pair on the return home when its generally warmer.