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Four wheel, four seat, pedal vehicle

photo(1).28 photoIMG_0195I ran across this totally cool vehicle in downtown Boise.  It has 4 wheels, and seat for 4 riders. Each rider has pedals, and pedals at their own pace.  It has 4 disc brakes.  The seats slide up and down on slanted posts to adjust for height.  What a cool ride!


2 comments to Four wheel, four seat, pedal vehicle

  • chaitanya joshi

    hello sir,i am doing my projects on cycles. i need your support for doing my job. can send me the patent of 4 seat 4 wheel pedal vehicle because i want to study and submit my report to them.

  • It would help to know a few things:

    your name
    your year in school
    the name of your school
    I may not have that patent, but I can tell you where you can find it.

    Bob Shaver

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