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Front Suspension Bike – 1889

Here is one method of front suspension for a bicycle that came out in 1889! This was patented by J. S. Copeland.  When the front wheel hits a bump, it can travel up in relation to the frame. It also has a cool spoon brake, which was the norm before caliper brakes were invented.



It is the same idea as shown in the Softride shock absorber stem above, which is also a parallelogram with a strong spring, to cushion some shock from hard bumps.  But in the Softride version, the wheel doesn’t travel up, the handlebars travel down.  My friend Kurt inUtah really likes his Softride stem, and has used it for years.

1 comment to Front Suspension Bike – 1889

  • Dave

    I had a softride stem before I purchased my first suspension fork. The stem worked great for taking out the bumps but could be a little dangerous. I clipped a tree with my bar, compressing the stem which unloaded and shot the bike out from under me letting me do my best superman impersonation in the middle of the trail. I still liked the cushion from the stem but a fork handles better.

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