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George Singer and Curved Bicycle Front Forks

Machinist George Singer of Coventry England left his job at the Coventry Machine Shop of James Starley to form the Singer Cycle Company in 1875.  He manufactured sewing machines, safety bicycles and patented a bicycle fork in which the ends of the fork were curved.  This improved steering, and made for a smoother ride, because the forks would absorb some of the shock from rough roads, rather than transmit the shock to the handlebars. The model below was a dual propulsion bike, being propelled by arms and legs.


Singer also made a motorized wheel that replaced the wheel of a bicycle, and later made motorcycles and sporty little automobiles.

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  • Gabriel Corona

    Hi, I have a 1898 Singer Dual Propulsion Tricycle, and would like to inquire if there were any additional information or value as i’m seeking a buyer.

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    Thank You

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