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Gus Duncan’s Woodies!

If you think of technology as a work of art, Gus has taken the technology to a new level of art in his wooden bikes.  Here are the two I have seen:

more photos here, and here.  Gus has a blog here with more details their construction.  You can drop him a line with questions at <>


2 comments to Gus Duncan’s Woodies!

  • Bicycle art is just popping out of the woodwork now! (pun intended!)
    Very nice effect. Was wondering if the wood was applied over a steel frame, or if the whole frame is wood. Looks like the first pic is an all-wood frame. The headtube appears to be fastened on with flat-head wood-screws through those scalloped flanges on the sides. I love the motorcycle-style forks! I’ll bet that ain’t no Brookes saddle, though! Ouch, my butt hurts just to look at it!
    VERY nice woodwork!

  • Jesse

    Will have to come check out your workshop sometime Gus. I was very impressed with the wood frame bike you were riding on Thursday morning.

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