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How far can you ride a bike in 24 hours?

The better question is “can you ride a bike for 24 hours?”  Not many of us could.  Unfolding today (11-14-15) at Borrega Springs CA is a 6, 12, and 24 hour cycling race.  The 24 hour winner is likely to complete around 500 miles.  One of the top 4 right now (out of 47 riders) is Jason Perez.  He is an experienced mountain bike and motorcycle racer, endurance racer, but he had not been on a recumbent until 2 months ago.  He went from wobbling all over the road to “smoking roadies” in 2 months.  As of 16 hours into the race, he has completed 307 miles and is the only American in the leading group, among a Brit, Swiss, and Slovenian.  Below is a Vendetta with Maria Parker on it, the same bike Jason is using.


Jason is known for his strong finish, and with 8 hours to go, who knows who will finish and in what order.  He is riding the Cruzbike Vendetta.  It weighs 10 lbs more than the road bikes he is competing with, but is built for comfort and aerodymanics.


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