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Puprunners Dog Trailer

The Puprunner Trailer for Doggies!

I have had the opportunity to test drive the Puprunner trailer, a trailer made for dogs and their owners.  Full disclosure: the makers, the Carters, are clients of my patent law practice and we are getting a patent on this device.  Their website is HERE.

We hooked up this trailer to my Catrike Speed, which is a recumbent trike.  The hookup was very easy, and didn’t take more than a few minutes.  The photo above shows the Puprunner in a configuration where my dog Ginger can trot along behind my bike.  The Puprunner does this by having the floor made of two panels which hinge up and attach so the dog can be on the ground.  The idea is that after a few miles the dog might be tired, but the bike rider might want to cover some more miles.  When that point is reached, the floor panels of the trailer hinge down, and the tired pooch can ride.  It really works, and my dog who is very sweet, but not very bright, figured it out on the first ride.


The Puprunner has a storage area in front of the dog compartment, and a sun screen that goes over the top. It is 33 inches wide, and weighs about 45 pounds.  The photo above shows my dog in the riding position, which lets me speed down hills without leaving her behind.  The dog is tethered by a chest harness to the frame, not by a collar.  I was impressed and thought it would be perfect for a nice ride that is too far for my dog, but would allow her to get a workout.

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