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SlowWheel Cycling innovation

Nathan Womack is a serious bike rider, serious enough that he wanted to ride at a training pace on rides with his girlfriend.  The trouble was that his preferred pace for training for triathalons was about 20 mph, and his
girlfriend’s pace is more like 15 mph.  He had the bright idea of making a wheel that would give him some resistance in his rides, so that his speed would equal his girlfriends speed, yet give him the training he wanted.

His solution developed into a bike product called the SlowWheel. The SlowWheel is a replacement rear wheel for a bicycle that allows the rider to increase the resistance of the wheel (in order to slow the rider down). Using the SlowWheel, Nathan and his girlfriend are able to ride together, and both get a workout!  The wheel can also be set to no resistance at all, for maximum speed.

Additionally, Nathan looks to have a children’s model out (for children under 5) that will go on a small bike with training wheels to help "slow" the child down as they learn to ride a bike. This will help in coordination as well as be an incredible safety device (as the children will not be able to get going so fast they get out of control).



4 comments to SlowWheel Cycling innovation

  • Goldcrank

    Why the bladed spokes?

  • Fred Franzwa

    I have an idea that I believe will be of benefit to the construction industry. Did you hire a patent attorney, or did you submit on your own?

  • ron obvious

    isnt this basically a geared bike wheel, whats so special about it? just dont take the gears off your bike in the first place.

  • This product actually never made it to the market, but there is a NEW SlowWheel that has nothing to do with that one that was featured at the 2011 Interbike show. Is it a FRONT-wheel, so it is compatible with all the power data collection devices (generally on the rear hub, crank or pedals) and the product had different levels of resistance!

    The product will be available in March 2012 and targets elite cyclists and triathletes who want to have a real workout out of their group rides, with their significant other and to train on flat terrain.

    It literally creates a hill-in-a-hub!

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