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Terracycle Accessory Mount

I was wondering how to move my tactical flashlight so it would be in front of, under, or on top of my fairing.  The light is usually mounted on the front deraileur post, but with the fairing on for the winter the light really lights up the inside of the fairing, and that blocks a lot of light from hitting the road ahead.

A helpful email from Pat Franz of Terracycle suggested the Terracycle Accessory Mount would probably do just what I wanted.  The unit arrived in only about two days after the internet order!  I put it on, and it does get the flashlight above the fairing nicely.  I’m going to ride it a few days like that, and I think I will try it mounted lower on the fairing frame, maybe even poking through a hole in the fairing.  Here is what is looks like mounted over the top of the fairing. It is a bit distracting having that in my line of sight, but I might get used to it.

terracycle 004.35

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