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The Updated PupRUNNER Pet Trailer

The good folks at PupRUNNER, Ben and Anna Carter, have updated the design of their trailer.  It now has several slick features, but the best is that the trailer folds to almost flat, so storing it is made much easier.  The wheels also come off, with a quick release, so its even easier to store.  As in the earlier version, the floor is in two panels and either or both panels swing up to allow one or both dogs to run or ride.  When the pooch gets tired, the floor swings down, and pooch can ride and still see some scenery.

pupRUNNER folding trailer

pupRUNNER folding trailer

We have one issued patent on their pet trailer, U.S. patent 8,950,767, and another patent is about to issue on the folding version of the trailer.  The trailer described in these patents attaches to a bike, and has a floor that folds up, so a dog can run inside the trailer for awhile,


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