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Updated Arizona Whip, Recumbent Flagpole

I got a chance to try a new version of the lighted flagpole made by Arizona Whip.  It has all 20 of the LEDs at the top end of the clear lexan flagpole, just under the flag.  This version has blinking lights on one side, with the yellow ones blinking alternately with the red ones.  The other side is red and yellow LEDs, on all the time.   My neighbors who see me on my commute say I look like a UFO on my Catrike Speed.  Excellent, that is just what I was going for!

Arizona Whip 023

Arizona Whip on Catrike Speed Recumbent Trike

Arizona Whip 027

The Arizona Whip in motion

The pic below is more or less what the Whip looks like coming down the road, but with a long shutter speed the LED lights leave streaks across the picture.

arizona whip 008

Ths Whip from the rear.

arizona whip 013.50

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